Long-Form_-From Idea to Doorstep- Selling

From Ideas to Doorsteps: Selling

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Succeeding in today’s ever-changing digital commerce world requires mastering a complex mix of people, process, and technology innovations that must all work seamlessly together. Online retailers face a myriad of choices — from developing the right strategy to building a high-performing team and laying a solid foundation of the right technologies.

In this report, we will identify key areas along the FitForCommerce “From Idea to Doorstep” continuum which brands and retailers need to master to succeed in today’s retail world. We will examine strategies and tactics used by leading brands and retailers and provide an overview of the technologies needed to support each area.

What's Inside the Report:

  • When to consider migrating to a modern platform
  • The right model for your team and business goals
  • How to optimize for mobile commerce
  • Why content, search, and insights need to be in one platform

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